About Harmony Shaheen: The 20s Decade Part 9

Everything is fine and dandy but like where is my life going for reals?

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5 min readJul 14, 2022


Photo by Albert Vincent Wu on Unsplash

I decided that the hostel life wasn’t for me and I needed something a little bit…classier to say in the least.

Mr. Fuckhead joined me this time, and promised to pay half, (which he never did). We got an Airbnb room also in Central Los Angeles, I think on 99th street in Avalon Gardens. I did a little bit of research about this neighborhood, and apparently during the 1990s this place was considered to be something of a war zone because of gang activity.

I think Los Angeles must have really changed. Like, really really changed. I never once felt unsafe there. I don’t recall a single episode of hearing police sirens or ambulances or gunshots or anything.

But if you want a little backstory on this area, check this video out below.

Yes, I recognize some places in this video, haha. But most of the places are on the east side in the lower streets — I was around 99th to 101st streets for the most part on the west side.

For the entire month I never witnessed anything foul, and in my opinion, parts of Los Angeles are perfectly fine.

This place was a bit nicer since there were only like 4 other guests and the price was a little bit more expensive, (around $1200 if I recall correctly). So, it was chill. I loaded up on my weed stash and moved from the hostel that was on 23rd to the new airbnb room on 99th.

The first night, I met the other folks in the hotel. One guy from Texas, another from Louisiana, a local girl, and a Spanish couple. Everyone kept to themselves for the most part, but as is the case during transit, you start chatting up fellow travellers.

The guy from Texas was annoying as fuck, and the epitome of how much of a lie social media is. He’d take pictures with expensive drinks and all his drone gear and pretend to be having the time of his life. Once the camera was…



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