Are People Really Cooking Chicken in Nyquil?

How’d this revolting trend begin? My first guess would be Gen Z…

Harmony S
2 min readOct 3, 2022



So, I guess cooking chicken in nyquil is 2022’s version of the Tide Pod challenge.

Just, why? What’s the interest? Views? Clout? Impressing other people?

I know growing up we had dumb things we did. The pass out game, pulling up each other’s shoulders to produce a big spinal crack, and truth or dare. Once, one of my friends decided to snort Fun Dip and proceeded to suffer from a deabilitating headache and bloody nose for a day.

I’ve always had a heightened sense of risk (for everything other than travel and shithole toxic people) so fortunately I’ve evaded the fate of those who decided to partake in these dares.

I feel like they keep getting dumber and dumber.

Consider the taste of Nyquil chicken. Lamb and mint jelly works. Heck, even beef roast with mint seasoning technically works, according to my research about food pairings.

But chicken and mint? I don’t think so. Like I can find recipes, but if you want my personal opinion, mint flavor does not work. Plus nyquil has other flavors in it like alcohol and together with boiled chicken..just noooo.

A far better substitute for nyquil would be freshly-ground cinnamon.

See? There’s cinnamon flavored toothpaste and cough syrup out there, so if you’re absolutely dead set on using something reminiscent of…



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