I tripled my income from last month YAYAY

Harmony S


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After many months of encouragement from my dear husband, I started taking Medium seriously a couple months ago. Taking it seriously means publishing several articles every week and spending hours interacting with other writers. Since May, I’ve read from familiar writers almost everyday like Jan Sebastian and Sara Burdick and developed what I like to call a cult following of my own, including Diana Meresc whom I’ve gotten so fond of, particularly since learning she’s a bot.

Yes, I’m excited. Medium seems to be working, though I probably shouldn’t be celebrating prematurely. But like, yeah. LOOK LOOK LOOKIE!

My dear husband Elijah insisted that I would break $60 this month but honestly I was super doubtful. Like, last month, my earnings were a little over $21 dollars. I know I have little money to show for my efforts. I’m not gonna lie, does it suck to work several hours a day writing and interacting with people only to wind up getting a buck each day? Yeah, definitely.

But I think this is going to go somewhere. My spidey senses tell me commit, be consistent, and don’t give up. Also, earning a dollar here feels better than any dollar earned from the other jobs that I’ve had in my life.

Honestly, I’d be Humble Holly if I tried convincing you it’s 10000% not money related. Like shit, it sort of is. I’m just as responsible for the future as my husband is.

But other than that, the community here is really awesome. Showing up to write and chat with others is like therapy, more or less. It’s such a huge weight off my shoulders to rant about my trauma, be validated, and hear that I’m super duper not alone.

Even my husband has noticed a change in me emotionally, which partially can be attributed to writing on Medium.

There’s little other than hope and a delusion of grandeur that keeps me hanging onto the belief that I can make writing work. And I’m not selfish, nor am I secretive — once I get there, I’ll tell you exactly how I did it so you can follow in my footsteps. :)



Harmony S

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