How is Parenting After Experiencing Trauma from Childhood?

Guess I still have nine months to work through some toxic beliefs…but after that, I have no tolerance whatsoever for bs!

Harmony S
5 min readJan 8, 2023
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I’m clutching my lower abdomen again. So, this pain gets worse until the finale, of pushing a live human baby out of my hoo-hoo?

Frankly, bring it. I feel it’s a particular kind of pain, one I must endure in order to redeem myself as a living breathing person on God’s green earth. “Be fruitful and multiply…” it is written, after all.

I keep making arbitrary goals for myself. How to read a hundred books in a hundred days has been a Google search of mine at some point during my life. Needless to say I’ve yet to commit to anything so daring, with exception to my marriage, (my husband and I are almost at the one-year mark!). However, this pregnancy must signal a turning-point. It has to.

My struggle to find something that I can do, habitually and without fail, is not a trait I’d like to pass on to my child(ren). Low self-esteem is deadly.

Career? Had one. Hobbies? Had them, too, whereas the motivation to progress in my selected hobbies occasionally sparks before flickering and petering out for a few months on end. I was supposed to be a famous Medium…



Harmony S

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