How to Get 100 Followers In Under 24 Hours

Harmony S
3 min readJun 14, 2022

It can work, but only if YOU put in the effort.

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So, you’ve made an account on Medium, all starry-eyed and hopeful that you too will become the next amazing writer. However, you’ve probably felt dismayed by the fact you must have at least a hundred followers in order to be eligible to join the Medium Partnership Program. do I do that? 100 seems like a lot, you’ve lamented.

Well, without further ado, let me explain how you can get 100 followers as quickly as possible in order to expedite your eligibility to earn money via Medium.

Do the whole follow 4 follow thing

While you might prefer to have organic followers, to start out with I’d recommend this method. What also particularly helps is if you search “How to get 100 followers fact” and click the claps button to bring up a popup menu listing all the people who clapped for that article. You can go down one by one and select follow for each account. These kinds of people are significantly more willing to reciprocate the follow. Also if you promise to follow everyone who follows you by leaving a comment that also works.

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Log in on a consistent basis and actually leave substantial comments on other people’s articles

This should be obvious, but if you want anyone to pay attention to you, you must pay attention to other people. Read each article, word for word, until the bottom. This way the writer will receive maximum compensation for your read.

Treat writing on Medium like it’s a job

This means showing up. This means writing when you don’t feel like it. This means submitting work even when you can’t be arsed to edit it. A crappy article is better than no article at all.

Figure out what people want to read

This may not necessarily jive with what you want to write about. You’ll have to debate complete authenticity, or trying out something new in order to see what…



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