I am Having a Lazy Ass Day!

And it feels great!

Harmony S


Yeah that’s me. Sans makeup. Sans giving a fuck.

My husband recently introduced Runescape to me. Actually we have a funny story about that game. Our first date was a disaster in every sense of the word and I actually picked up my things and left right in the middle of it and basically vowed to never talk to him again.

His crime? He mumble-rapped and decided to play Runescape in the middle of our date. I took it completely the wrong way. I….kinda thought he was ignoring me and wanted to do his own thing instead of sit and talk to me.

Turns out the poor guy was too shy to make eye contact and carry a conversation, so he went back to his comfort activity of playing Runescape to try to fight an oncoming anxiety attack.

Yeah I was the asshole there. I didn’t know! I swear — had I known he was having severe anxiety I’d have been a LOT different.

Clearly God intended for the date to turn out like that, though. I actually hate men who are too forward and the number of guys who treated a date like a ticking time clock until they felt it appropriate to pop the question that’d inevitably make me run far away out of embarrassment (“wanna f**k?”) was enough to almost make me give up on finding a partner.

Back to Runescape. It’s fun as hell! I spent all night and morning playing and didn’t sleep until noon today. I woke up right when my husband returned from work in the evening. I essentially did nothing else today other than serving ourselves dinner (that I didn’t cook, either).

It was great! How many years have passed of bullying myself to work harder, pay my undivided attention toward the acquisition of money, and neglect all that is wholesome about our very brief lives.

Runescape is such a classic game. I was aware of it growing up but it passed by under my nose my whole teenage life. How? I don’t know! I played those kinds of games. FLYFF for example. Final Fantasy 14. Skyrim (ESO is…alright). I’m already a level 32 mage. And my archery skill is super high. My husband keeps trying to convince me no skill other than melee is worth shit. I beg to differ and proving I can do cool stuff with magic will be the Runescape hill I’m willing to respawn on.

But yeah the game is addictive as hell. Who here plays RS? And I’m talking the classic game not the RS3 bullshit. Anything else I should know as a beginner?

My username is vindensang45 just in case anyone wants to add me..😄



Harmony S

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