I Am Starting a Digital Marketing Company. All Alone. With 100 Bucks. Can I Make It?

New adventures, new paths in the endless journey of self-reliance and working in my underpants

Harmony S
3 min readJun 12, 2024
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TL/DW2R the site is klixardigital.com. (note: I get an error following this link but if you select the option to open in your browser you shouldn’t have an issue. I’ll have to fix that too 🤣)

So…I’m trying something new. I know a thing or two, outside of ranting and raving about my personal life, that I can write about online. Like, I have been doing IT and marketing-related work now for eight years. That’s eight years of regularly building knowledge. At some point, it’s time to escape the matrix of working for other people and *completely* relying on myself.

Hence why I’m going to try to start a company.

I know nothing about business management. I know nothing about self-promotion. Other than what I have done for other people, I haven’t attempted to really establish my own brand. I mean, I guess freelancing on Upwork for nearly a decade kind of constitutes having my own business BUT I’d like to find my own people or rather, ideally-speaking, have people find me through organic search engine traffic.

So, can I do it? With limited funds? Why not?

I’m not going to lie, I exploited the shit out of every single free trial I could manage. Canva gives a good one. 30 days free, 15 bucks after for nearly-Illustrator level content. Hostinger and Wordpress regularly have really strong deals. I got my hosting package and free domain for a year for 38 bucks. Yeah. Like hell I was ever going to go with Wix.

How’d I come up with the name Klixar Digital? No idea. It just stuck. I had tried every single word combination. Black Sparrow Agency. Blue Marble Company. Silver Pearl Partners. Triple 3 Digital Marketing. Triple 4 Digital Marketing. Triple 5 Agency. Adonis Marketing. Black Adonis Marketing. Yep, all were taken.

So, I had to invent a word. Klixar, Haxmal, Zephyrite. Wherever in my subconscious that I had fished these words from, I’ll never know. I just know that Klixar Digital seemed easy to spell, easy to remember, not grating on the ears, and not difficult to pronounce, either.

What I cannot do myself, I will find the talent to fill the gaps. To be honest, despite the fact my company is going to offer four major services — content creation, website development/hosting, brand consultation, and SEO, I only really have enough experience in 3/4 of those. The brand consultation part I guess I have some experience in, but calling it experience would be a stretch — I had a project on Upwork to plan the blog content for a whole year for a GIS consultation company.

SEO is probably my strongest skill. For some reason, I’ve a knack for getting search engines to rank the sites I have worked on. Heck, even read the reviews on my Upwork page


(uh oh. Revealed my real name. Whoopsies, don’t be weird now)

So, like always, I’m going to embark on a saga. A new chapter in life. God willing, this one will be profitable. I’m tired of things not sticking, so hopefully, establishing a small business will become my bread-and-butter.

If you’d like to help me out, sign up for the newsletter, or send in your details on the contact me page, and we can have a chat about how I can help you to attain your goals. Like I said, what I cannot do alone, I will acquire the talent immediately to fulfill your requests. I know the website still needs work — and lots of it — but if you’re interested in any of these kinds of services, I’m your chick.

Ciao for now!



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