I Used to Get Paid Doing Homework For Other People

Tales from being a wannabe baddie nerdy gangsta: part I

Harmony S
6 min readOct 6, 2022
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I have a confession to make: I used to be a bad person.

Maybe I wasn’t a completely bad person. I was a good person who did something bad.

Or maybe the ends really do justify the means. I don’t know. How else do you describe someone who helped probably hundreds of people across the country cheat?

Maybe my clients were the actual bad people and I was just giving them what they were going to do anyway.

Perhaps my clients were victims of the university-complex which is profit driven and deliberately seeks to enslave people to debt forever and forever.

To explain further, I used to do people’s homework for them. The company was under the table and I’d get paid via Paypal. I’d get $11 bucks a page, and did anywhere from 15 pages to 22 pages a day. Sometimes, I’d get a project, and I’d charge however much I felt like charging for it.

I was fair in that regard. I never exploited the company for my own benefit, though there were a lot of instances in which I totally could have. Like they weren’t the most tech savvy people, and a lot of tech related stuff took me almost no time to do.



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