I’m a Tradwife and It’s Awesome

Don’t diss before you read my defense!

Harmony S


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I’m a stay at home wife. I fix my husband’s sandwiches when he gets home from work, stop whatever I am doing to make his coffee once he wakes up, dry and fold his clothing, and put food on his plate and bus the table once we’re done eating.

If that makes you cringe, just wait, there’s more!

I listen to him rant about work, and I don’t feel compelled to cut him short or dismiss his feelings or compete with him. I throw my hands around him when he leaves and am right there at the door for a big snugglehug when he returns.

I advise him about stocks to invest in, because believe it or not, I’m actually literate and can learn difficult topics on my own terms. I propose new business ideas to take up once we arrive to USA. Passive income is something I work on learning about, and since I have a lot of downtime to do so, I think we’ll find our golden opportunity a lot faster than if I worked all day and didn’t want to use my brain at once I’m home.

I probably finish one or two books every week. Nonfiction sharpens my brain and it’s not difficult to find new topics to learn about.

My mother in law doesn’t have to do everything on her own, which makes me feel useful since I know her back hurts a lot from doing chores. She’s thankful for whatever help I offer and never once has treated me like a maid. Also, it’s nice knowing her back doesn’t hurt as much as it once did.

My husband doesn’t boss me around at all, either. He’s a little shy making requests. I admit the vibe would be a little bit different if anyone had a domineering attitude toward me, but fortunately no one ever once has done that.

Nor does anyone make me feel like my opinions don’t matter. If anything, my opinion might even matter more. Meditate on that for a little while. That all you’ve heard about housewives might not necessarily apply across the board and some of us are valued and protected at all costs.

Did I mention the downtime? There’s lots of movie watching, video game playing, and eating homemade food from my mommy in law.

You may feel compelled to dismiss my case as an anomaly. “Yeah, but what about the other



Harmony S

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