I’m An Extremely Picky Listener/Moviegoer/Reader

Is it a rotten thing that bad art gives me confidence?

Harmony S


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This is gonna be toxic as hell but most books, music, and film are straight up TRASH.

The sharper my eye becomes, the more critical I get. Like, the same fucking tropes show up in books and movies. Song structures, chord progressions, and lyrics rarely deviate from the same recycled form. I notice a lot of repetition and redundancy.

My husband introduced the notion that sometimes you just want something braindead and unstimulating. And he’s right that that’s fine. I mean, 21 Jump Street was fucking hilarious. On the same caliber as Scarface? Not exactly. But did it add joy to my life for a few hours? Sure!

Like, okay. I guess art serves different purposes. Not all art needs to be insightful. Nor does art need to be iconic, deep, or some vulnerable expression of the art-creator.

I tend to assume the only valuable art is anything that competes with Picasso. And that’s a super unhealthy approach to anything creative.

But I won’t lie. The stuff that passes for music, film, and literature gives me hella confidence. Not everything needs to be good. In fact I kind of want to start a habit of sharing whatever I make whether it’s good or not just to shed my bashfulness.

Confidence is ultimately the key to success. Not skill, at least 90% of the time anyway.

I guess the takeaway of this article should be just do whatever it is you wanna do, whether you’re setting a new bar in the field or not.

As my husband goes: Did you have fun doing it? Yeah? Then it was worth your time.

And like always, he’s right 😌

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