I’m Leaving Medium. F the Bootlickers.

I’m Sick and Tired of Trying to Make it Work.

Harmony S
2 min readOct 13, 2022

At some point you gotta cut your losses and run.

Trying to succeed on Medium is like trying to resuscitate a marriage with a emotionally distant neglectful spouse. I’m done.

At some point the sunk cost fallacy applies. And Medium is comparable to a giant black hole that sucks your time for a few bucks in return.

“Improve your writing and you’ll see higher returns!” you Medium bootlickers will say. Well, okay. I’m still tired of all the people who are clappin and dippin.

I’m tired of all the fake support.

I’m tired of the algorithm bullying us into submission. Maybe I don’t want to write about popular topics that don’t exactly necessitate quality writing.

And I’m confident I am not the only one here who sees vapid writing succeeding while everyone else struggles to compete.

So what’s next?

For me I’ve been curious about podcasting for awhile. I’ll keep y’all in the know.

I think podcasting is a greater use of my time. I’m tired of being on Medium all day only to see a couple dollars at the end of the day. What, am I selling oranges on the street in Jordan? Street kids make more money here!

Either way, I’m out. Until the CEO gets his head out of his ass and realizes literally all of us are lukewarm about his impact on…



Harmony S

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