I’m Setting A Lot of Ambitious Goals to Reach by 30

And no one can tell me it’s unwise

Harmony S


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

So I turn 30 in under two months. For some reason, I feel like 30 is the magic cut off for a lot of the dumb shit I do.

To list what I do that I am working on to fix by 30, here it is:

  1. Stop smoking hookah
  2. Stop drinking caffeinated coffee
  3. Stop taking afternoon naps
  4. Stop drinking altogether
  5. Stop eating like crap

Here’s my justifications for all of them

Stop Smoking Hookah

Known as Argeela here in Jordan, everyone and their jiddo (grandpa in Arabic) does this.

Photo by Tolga Ahmetler on Unsplash

Sadly I started when I arrived in 2018 and I have been smoking almost daily since then. Some reports claim an hour of argeela is as bad as 100 cigarettes. If that’s true, and I am too scared to check on Google if it is, then I must be royally fucked in ways unimaginable.

I can put an end to it for months on end if necessary, but I always return. These days I have been trying to reduce it to…



Harmony S

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