Intermittent Fasting Works, But it is Easy to Abuse

Harmony S
3 min readJun 23, 2022

Once you realize your hunger pangs are usually a lie, you’ll start to push the envelope with yourself to see how long you can last

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Have you ever willingly forbade food from yourself for the sake of weight loss?

Maybe you read something about autophagy, in which cells eat themselves. There’s loads of articles claiming autophagy can cure cancer, and perhaps as a last ditch effort, you tried it out. Or maybe you wanted to simply do a ‘cleanse’ of the old, dying cells in your body.

Whatever the reason is, if you’ve found your tummy grumbling after fourteen plus hours of no food, but yet you pressed on, you may be doing more harm than good.

For the record, fasting definitely works. The whole bUt yOuRe sLoWinG doWn yOuR meTabOLiSm aNd iT wiLL mAtCh hOw MucH fOoD yOuRe PuTtinG iNtO iT MakiNG yOur eFfOrtS uSelEss!!!!! is bullshit. Your body has a TDEE that it needs in order to execute functions and if you feed yourself less you’ll be dipping into fat stores and going into ketosis.

Like, duh. Consume fewer calories than your body needs and you’ll lose weight. It’s not hard. Constantly putting fuel in your body means you’re going to be burning that off and not burning off what you need to be burning off which is fat.

I know there’s a complex interaction between hormones but it’s basic thermodynamics, too. Even if your metabolism is somehow compromised by a thyroid issue, that doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight.

I firmly believe consistent eating isn’t good. Our eating patterns should probably mirror how early humans ate before wheat enslaved them. They didn’t consume corn syrup. Nor did they eat the same amount of calories everyday. Sometimes they went a day without a lot of food. Also unless demanded by their environment they hella did not eat meat at the same rate we eat meat in our Western diets.

Controlling blood sugar is fundamental to weight loss and controlling hunger, and having a diet that doesn’t cause spikes is extremely important.

The problem with intermittent fasting, despite its positives, is how easily someone can abuse it.

There’s loads of videos on Youtube about people who have successfully undertaken…

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