I’ve Just Finished Kendrick Lamar’s Newest Album, “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers”

Clearly, I have overlooked a genius

Harmony S


Fuckin A.




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First off, I’m a fan of hip hop. I am. But this is usually my go to music to zone out and get into a subspace state of mind. One where every other emotion is obliterated, in the face of a hard kicking beat and strong I dont give a fuck vibes.

Like, hip hop usually accompanies me during flights. Why? Because flying fucking terrifies me, despite all the traveling I’ve accomplished in my life. I need to have some strong sounds pummeling my eardrums in order to overcome the fear of plunging to my death. My favorite records are Illmatic (Nas), Fetti (Curren$y), Madvillainy (MF DOOM), Thank You For Nothing ($kinny), and Seize the Time (Fun Da Mental).

My guess is you may not be familiar with the last two, so I strongly suggest you check them out.

I am a music snob. However, regarding hip hop I’m more interested in the beat itself. I’m hypnotized by a strong beat, and have invested in expensive audio gear simply so I can hear EVERY single frequency range. As anyone would tell you, there’s a reason why 808s are all the rage right now in hip hop…



Harmony S

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