Liars, Liars Everywhere: Facebook Medium Groups Suck

Come on everyone. Do better.

Harmony S


Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

So I’ve started getting aggressive about my Medium marketing strategy. You can see me going up and down every active Medium group on Facebook, linking my latest stories, soliciting people to read and if they liked it, clap and follow.

I of course reciprocate. I oftentimes do so first. Nobody has ignored my post. There is still one massive problem, though.

The stats show views. Views from external clicks, from Facebook. These views do not translate to READS.

Y’all get paid on reading time. Maybe clapping factors in, I don’t know. But y’all are clappin n dippin…YET AGAIN!!!

I know you want more claps and they make you feel good. But that spoils the purpose of coming here to exchange ideas. Medium should be a marketplace of sharing information, stories, etc.

If you’re clapping and dipping, get the fuck off this site and go back to Instagram. You’re not even the least bit interested in what this site has to offer and you clearly prioritize chasing clout.

So do us all a big favor and realize Medium’s not gonna get you rich and if you’re seeking numbers become an influencer on some other platform.


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