Life in Jordan is Really Funny and Strange Sometimes!

I never talked about the most important GOOD choice I made during my 20s. Oops. Should do a whole ass series!

Harmony S


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Moving to Amman, Jordan has marked my life to be full of adventures had, and adventures to come!

I remember the first night I came. It was my birthday, September 4th, in 2018. I arrived in the middle of the fricken night!

I was exhausted like hell. I barely even remember the first flight, but I remember all the ones after.

Life changed a lot for me. In some ways, I was totally naive and had no idea what to prepare for. But people seemed to appreciate my attempts to understand, at least.

Fast forward to February 2022. I got married and my husband and I have been living at the family house since then.

Maybe that’s kinda weird to some people. I think it’s awesome! There’s always someone around and it’s very rare I’m home by myself. My in laws know I can be a little introverted, plus not being fluent yet has some conversational setbacks, so I’m not compelled to go on every outing to see family or family friends.

Also getting accustomed to the culture is an interesting process. I get some things. Like I use the toilet hose after going #2. I also really like the smell of oudh.

Other concepts I have yet to truly grasp.

On a number of occasions, I have rushed out to the living room from my bedroom, thinking a fight started.

One seemed particularly bad, though. Lethal, perhaps. I heard a sawt (voice) I’ve never heard before.

It happens sometimes. Things snowball. Someone will make a tiny comment and it’ll blow out of proportion and I’ll hear shouting. I’ve learned this is normal here and very intense displays of emotion are in fact acceptable.

Which is actually great for me! No one bats an eye if I get sharp and nikdeh (grumpy), especially if I am on my period. Everyone gets over it fast anyways.

But anyway, on this one occasion, I rushed out to the living room, expecting to see red faces soaked with anger.



Harmony S

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