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Harmony S


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So, metal is not dead. In fact, metal is very much alive, and with contemporary production standards, has improved far beyond the gritty sound that prevailed well into the 2000s.

I started listening to metal back when I was 13. I think my first door into the world of heavy music was the very much Iron Maiden-inspired album “City of Evil” from Avenged Sevenfold.

Like, no one can deny how timeless this album is, despite my brutal criticisms of it. Other than like, I don’t know, Flyleaf…who was doing a heavier sound on MTV and converted millions of mainstream kids to listen to metal? I get it..Korn and Slipknot were definitely playing on the radio, but those were bands for the weirdo kids that everyone isolated (sadly!).

After Avenged Sevenfold, I was sold. I started listening to Arch Enemy, Opeth, Deicide, and Darkthrone. I was hooked, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

For the record, (no pun intended), I’ve made an intentional effort to try to listen to at least 1 to 4 new albums everyday since the start of the year. Writing on Medium has given me a nice window for doing what I love most, which is getting lost in new music.

My original plan was to listen to strictly hip hop and rap, since there’s lots of really great shit I haven’t bothered to pay any attention to, but after month five of a particular kind of music I want to branch out to other genres.

The appeal of metal is unlike any other. My husband listens to a metal song for three seconds and goes ew it makes me angry and I’m just like bruh. You don’t feel pumped after listening to this stuff?

I realize pop music and metal are considered stark opposites from one another, but in fact metal written with a standard pop structure and isn’t trying to be all RAAWWR I’M SCARY is really fucking good at lifting the mood! Most melodic-death and metalcore falls into the “this makes me want to run five miles without stopping” category.

As Everything Unfolds is a female-fronted band from the UK. Growing up, there weren’t too many bands with female singers that weren’t a bit on the cornball side and all about selling the sexuality of the singer. Sorry to…



Harmony S

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