My Husband is Amazing, and I’m an Asshole Sometimes

Nanny nanny boo boo, ladies! He’s mine!

Harmony S
9 min readJun 20, 2022


Not a stock photo. He really is that handsome!

If you don’t like gooey cheesy romantic stuff, then do yourself a favor and stop reading now :)

I got married to my wonderful husband Elijah last February. February 13th, to be exact. And while it was a long af road to get there, I think this is perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made.

First off, the people you’re around really make a difference in your life. I find I’m a very emotional person — I tend to suck up the vibe of the people around me and if their presence doesn’t impact how I feel about the world and myself outright, I’ll have to consciously fight toxic emotions, way more than necessary. And for so long, I didn’t even think being around non toxic people was possible.

I used to believe I’d never find a spouse. Too much emotional baggage, I carry. Too much distrust. How many men I’ve blown off (be sure to read that sentence correctly) in fear of getting used. I’ve lived in my own little world too afraid to breathe fresh air.

I’ve messed up a lot of friendships this way, too.

Sometimes All it Takes is a Little Faith, (and a Lot of Patience)

How I met him is a long-ish story. I got my scholarship to study Arabic in Jordan in 2018, and during my first trip I thought it’d be a good idea to teach English for some extra side cash. An American-owned language center reached out to me, and I decided to give it a shot.

Elijah was one of my English students. What struck me was how fluent he already was in the language. His accent was very California-sounding. I didn’t know why he needed lessons but he insisted he needed to improve his business English in order to sound more professional at his job. So, we had a few lessons at this center.

I didn’t think much of him in the beginning, actually. He was painfully shy and quiet, and struggled to make eye contact with me. But then, after our last lesson in his class package, he asked me if I wanted to go for a coffee.

I agreed. He didn’t come off too strongly as a lot of guys do in Jordan. My spidey senses said: he’s a good guy, so why not?



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