One Weird Ass Observation I’ve Made Since Roe Went Kaput

Suddenly, everyone in Europe, Canada and Australia wants to throw us a pity party

Harmony S
3 min readJun 29, 2022


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Ok so I’m just as weirded out by the direction that America is heading in as everyone else in the civilized world and all, but like, can we have an adult to adult talk real quick?

We still have the right to vote. Us women and our allies are bonding together like never before. We’re establishing plans to protect our rights. We’re waking up politically.

Like, we’re not destitute and limp wristed, mmmkay?

I’m far too polite to link actual articles here, but I’ve seen a number of writers from other Western countries writing mayday pieces about the terrible and barbaric state that America is in right now.

Okay, you’re not wrong. There’s a lot of barbaric influences in a ginormous country that’s very sharply divided between left and right, rural and urban, and secular and Handmaid’s Tale. To suggest there’s no American Taliban would most certainly be disingenuous.

However, I am SUUUPER tired of seeing all the writers posting articles about how to ‘help’ even if you’re not American. The way they’re lambasting us Americans and the entire country is just….bleh.

You do not know the intricacies of my own country like I do.

It’s not as terrible as you think it is. I promise I could visit any major city and completely navigate around those conservative, anti choice forces if I wanted. The problem is their political leverage is skyhigh right now, but their opinions are by no means the majority.

Maybe anti choice beliefs are more open in red states, yeah, but even major cities in red as a tomato states are usually more liberal.

I get it, you care about women everywhere. But like, this feels like the equivalent of pausing for a moment when navigating my phone and a guy comes along to rip it out of my hand to fix it for me without giving me a chance to figure it out.

Like, come fucking on. You’re going to find plenty of educated people in USA. You’re going to find plenty of sane people. Not all of us have a gun hidden in our belt. And not all of us are just…



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