Physical Models of Security

It’s like an onion!

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This article will briefly discuss different physical models of security. The first philosophy behind physical models of security is the Onion Model. This takes a layered approach. Each layer is separated into three layers such as the program, operating system, and then the hardware.

Physical security is built on access control, surveillance, and testing. As for its applicability to physical security, it can be separated into five parts which are the outside world, casual visitors, employees, IT, and security in the center. Another model of physical security could be these five elements but in what is known as the garlic clove model. This identifies how everything correlates to one another on the same level.

The ultimate goals of physical security are to deter, to minimize loss, and notify. Physical security can be an excellent deterrent. Examples of physical deterrence includes CCTV and other biometric means of analyzing entry and access.

Sensors are one such biometric means of security. Securing all entrances is necessary for the outside world. Securing all internal entrances are necessary for employee security.

There are also elements of physical security that apply to mitigating risks to computer hardware. Threats include fire, smoke, water, electricity, lightning, and earthquakes.

All of these examples can cause significant property and data loss. Another method of physical security is to ensure that back ups are done on a regular basis. Back ups of hardware and drives are fundamental to the physical security of devices and workstations.

This article briefly discussed different kinds of physical security. The two models mentioned are the onion model and the garlic clove mode. The objectives of physical security were also discussed. Ultimately physical security is broad and must be handled appropriately to mitigate risks.

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