Submitting to my Husband in Marriage is the Best Feeling Ever

Harmony S
5 min readJun 13, 2022

The hook up phenomenon is scaring boys away from girls who are now acting like men

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Where is modesty these days?

No, like really. Does anyone get butterflies anymore? Does anyone care about being presentable, and having high standards? Or have we become like animals, willing to hump anything in sight, for hopes of a mere seven-second orgasm?

The hook up culture phenomenon has singlehandedly been one of the most destructive influences on Western culture. Hook ups teach you don’t have to look your best or behave your best in order to get what motivates us all in some way or another. It teaches you to be easy, because who cares, its just fun with no consequences, right?

Girls who hook up devalue themselves and men don’t like admitting it, but they are less likely to see a girl who hooks up as a prospective wife. Men who hook up a lot subconsciously — or consciously — go for the girl they know they’ll never ever ever take out on a classy date.

Why’s that?

Take a look at Tinder statistics. Men have a tendency to swipe right on everyone and see what they can get. Women have a tendency to swipe left on men unless a man is exactly 6'2" or above.

Why’s that?

Girls are less likely to orgasm from a hook up.

Why’s that?

Maybe this all has something to do with biology and isn’t something someone from the academic ‘gender-is-a-social-cosntruct’ community can simply eradicate.

The dynamics of sex cannot be changed. Women who practice submission during sex (and the relationship as a whole) are more likely to be rewarded for it with a glorious orgasm. Women don’t like it when men go slow. They usually like it rough. They like feeling themselves consumed by masculine power.

But that places a lot of power in the male’s hands. A lot. Do you want Mr. Dumbfuck Jock to ‘take’ you like that? Some guy who may or may not have your best interests at heart? You don’t feel a little used by a man who has absolutely no interest in your wellbeing or who you are beyond the sex you’re giving him, which will more likely than not result in an orgasm for him and not for you?

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