The One Degree Combination That Could Make You $70k within Five Years

Harmony S
4 min readMay 27, 2022

Let me give you some sage career advice

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So, many a moon ago, I was a comp sci student. Now, I was good at it, but the problem is with computer science, you cannot just merely be good. You must excel. You must have a bajillion start ups knocking on your door. You must have the code written for the next crypto that’ll do everything Luna and Squid Coin were supposed to do, because who knows, your currency might be the next gold standard (if this plot sounds cool, I highly suggest watching Start Up on Netflix).

Why’s that? Because everyone and their grandmother is fucking studying coding.

Seriously. Have y’all been on Udemy lately? Or read the myriad of articles (more like listicles) here on Medium about the best open source coding websites (and other comp sci tutorial sites). My personal recommendation is Cybrary, btw.

Now I’m not telling you to NOT study comp sci. In fact, I think it’s a very necessary background to have. I’m merely telling you to append your degree to add on additional skills to really make some bang for your buck.

What’s GIS?

Geographic Information Systems is a relatively unknown niche field that is applied EVERYWHERE without people knowing they’re using it. Instead of giving you a technical answer to this question, let me give you examples of its use.

There’s a disaster. Oh no. How do we navigate the premises to find the pathway to safety?

We need to find an area to develop for a particular kind of housing (let’s say, section 8, or multifamily homes). How do we find an attractive lot that’s near public transportation, outside of danger zones (fire, flood, earthquake etc), and shows promising development surrounding the area?

We need to create a dynamic map that police officers can affix pins to digitally in order to display ongoing and completed crimes in the area.

While we’re at it, why don’t we analyze these pins to see if we can detect temporal or spatial patterns? Perhaps drug smuggling clusters around a particular neighborhood at a certain hour, and maybe there’s a qualifiable reason for that.



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