Where Do I Start With Sports?

Harmony S
5 min readJun 27, 2022

I’m interested in developing new hobbies but sports intimidate me. A lot.

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I’m fucking sore today.

My husband and I had a nice lazy weekend at a bougie hotel where my brother in law works. It’s in Amman, so we didn’t go super far. The older we get the more we appreciate staycations. He likes going for the giant bathtubs, mostly. But since it’s summer, and the pool there is open, I figured we’d swim a lot, as well.

So I swam and swam and got burnt like a caramelized piece of toast. And I woke up to being in enormous pain, hence why I have been kind of quiet on Medium. Fuck, my skin feels like hell, and my whole body is exhausted since apparently swimming can fuck your body up if you don’t pace yourself, and doing breaststrokes nonstop for a good thirty minutes might not have been the most clever idea ever.

I hate going long periods of time without staying fit. I used to run all the time, but then I guess I started making excuses. It’s either smoking argeela or it’s exercise everyday. Guess which one I picked.

But my husband and I have taken the first steps to quitting our nicotine habits, his being in the form of vaping while my habit is to smoke this fucking thing everyday for an hour or more.

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Some of you may not be familiar with this contraption, and it’s probably better off that way. In plain English terms, it’s a water pipe. You fill a bowl with this stuff called m3asel (tobacco leaves soaked in a syrupy solution), cover it with foil, and put charcoals on top. The bottom tank is filled with water and the smoke travels down a pipe, gets filtered via the water, and you inhale it into your lungs.

The clouds are addictive as hell, and the buzz is intense.

Yes, it’s worse than cigarettes.

I’ll tell y’all about my nicotine addiction later. But, back to sports. I want to make a change in my life. And I’ve always observed sports as an outsider. I don’t know the first thing about sports. Like sports were always a foreign exotic concept for me. My family was more nerdy and we prided ourselves in that fact. My…



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