Would Anyone Be Down to Do a Zoom Meeting for Youtube?

I’m winging the idea in my head right now but I feel like it’d be cool to get to know you all more

Harmony S


Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

I’m all about personal touch.

I like what blogging and vlogging both offer. We get a glimpse into your world, and even the most humble among us are a little voyeuristic.

So, I’d love to know — would anyone like to do a Zoom meeting?

It could be one on one with several of you for a series. It could be like three or four together. We can feel it out.

Here’s one I did with a vlogger friend from Jordan a few years ago. And oopsie, guess I gave away my real name >:]

We could chat about writing, life, puppies, getting back into life after COVID…anything! I also really like answering random questions from a question generator online.

I’m also down to hear any ideas from y’all.

Let’s have fun and get to know one another better!

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Harmony S

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