Wow. A Lot of Writers Give Up.

Trying to get my mojo back here on Medium and I’ve made some keen observations about writers here

Harmony S
3 min readJul 18, 2022


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So sadly I’ve lost some of my mojo here on Medium. Is it the awful sordid summer slump that everyone keeps talking about? Am I getting bored? Am I failing to honor a commitment I made? If that’s the case how am I gonna fare once I turn 30 and like, quit smoking, drinking, coffee, naps, weed, and junk food as I have promised myself?

So I got a little anxious that I wasn’t putting my all into this as I promised. I did super awesome-ly in June. I worked my butt off and drove a lot of organic traffic to my page.

I have a tendency to self sabotage, and fortunately I’m aware of that tendency now. I reach a point that proves that I can succeed, but then I don’t take a step over that line, or I revert back to old habits, knowing that I can do otherwise if I just tried.

Naturally, this is a very toxic habit, since I ought to be treating any venture as something going up and up, not something that ultimately deflates.

So, today, I got back on Medium, with the intention of writing a short article (this one), maybe getting back into writing my novel, and then going down the list of my 1.4k followers, one by one, and doing some engagement.

What I have discovered was….kinda shocking, to say in the least.

I have a lot of followers who have just as many followers as I do, maybe even more. When I visit their profile, their last story was like…March. May. January. Hmph.

Seems like a lot of writers are losing steam and giving up, too.

I used to worry about the oversaturation of content on this website. Seems like there’s nothing to really worry about anymore. I wonder what the ratio is of writers who continue vs writers who give up after six months. Seems like there’s a lot more going than staying.

So, in my limitless wisdom of always wanting to be different from other people, I might as well be one of those who stays.

For the record, I am mostly using this platform to build a loyal following. My husband, who has more crystall ball vision than I do, insists: keep at it for a



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